Commit To Yourself. Invest In Yourself. Enjoy The Journey.

There is no doubt that we are all different! That is why you need a result driven program that understands the female body, and uses the most efficient tools to help you succeed anywhere, and anytime.


You Know This: You Only Have One Body

You have only one body, and you have only one life. This is exactly the reason that The Body Series was such an important project for Kettlebell Kickboxing™ creator Dasha and her team.

Another fact that we all know but seem to constantly overlook: it is entirely possible to make real, lasting changes in your body over the course of 60 days. 

Is It Really That Simple? 

KB Body Series is deal for beginners, those looking to come back to training, or those looking to enhance their current routine. Great for busy moms, or working professionals that would prefer to train towards their goals in the comforts of their home. Another reason the Body Series works; this program is uniquely tailor made for the female body.

No hard jumps. No gym commute. No gimmicks, No hours at the gym – 35-45 minute a day home workout and nutrition program.

If you follow this program you can burn up to 600-1,000 calories in under 60 minutes. 

How? Kettlebells & martial arts are a powerful combo! In a 2010 American Council of Exercise research study it was noted that “…During the 20-minute kettlebell workout, the average calorie burn was 272 calories…” the study continues by stating that subjects “ … were burning at least 20.2 calories per minute, which is off the charts. That’s equivalent to running a 6-minute mile pace.”

The Body Series is an 11 disc DVD, at home training and nutrition program, complete with a 50 min beginner DVD.  You only need one kettlebell or dumbbell to get started from the comfort of your living room!



Is 60 days really enough for a Transformation?

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How do you think celebrities do it when they have to get fit for a movie role and they only have a month? There are no magic pills – just a formula and training (a goal-specific program design; timed intervals; output, rest, and recovery sessions; body part breakdown training and nutrition). Results vary for everyone, but, that is how it gets done and you don’t have to live at the gym to do it. In fact, some of the fittest bodies train in the comforts of their own homes.

The fact is; the less tools and gadgets you have, the more you will use and depend on your own body to get it done.


Here’s What The Body Series Includes:

What is inside!

What You’ll Need: For this program you simply need one kettlebell or dumbbell and a small space (the width and length of your body). That’s it! Our travel workout doesn’t even require a tool, its all body based KB motion that you can do in a hotel room!


 Quick Start for Any Level! The “Beginner & Review” DVD is a perfect one-on-one assessment session where Dasha explains the principles of kettlebells and martial arts conditioning as well as her system of training and transforming the body. You are getting years of knowledge and research in a 50 minute private session. (Yes, she will still make you work out and burn calories as you learn.) Results may vary, but this beginner session is made to make sure you get the most out of each DVD, each workout and each and every motion.

Easy & Ready To Go Nutrition Plan: It’s simple and all laid out for you. Follow Dasha’s 12 golden rules of nutrition & food pairing and see the difference in your waist and hip size. These are rules she has systemized from experience and education through her travels, her Master’s Degree, her time learning with some of the world’s best health experts, as well as her own personal journey and case studies with countless other women. The nutrition plan is the same one Dasha provides for her high profile clients whose very job it is is to get fit for movies, television, and performing on stage.

Workout Calendars & Schedule: Identify your body type & your goals, and then just follow the program calendar day by day. The entire 60 days is thought out and written out for you – all you have to do is follow the program and enjoy the results. Everyones results may vary, but to get the best out of your program you need to have a training schedule- our program provides that for you. Including options and programs for busy moms and professionals that can not workout every single day. 

After your 60 days, continue with the up-keep plan. We guarantee that you will love your sessions so much and feel so energized that you’ll crave the workouts (just ask the thousands of women that come to Dasha’s live classes every single day), results vary for everyone of course. And the best part? It’s all under 60 minutes, and we give you a travel workout…so there are no excuses to staying super fit. Dasha even works in the Scorcher Series, for those of you that have her 4-disc program.

Thought Out Meals:The Nutrition Guide lays out each meal option, so you can think less and see more results! All meals are easy to find & prepare – leaving you more time to live your life!

824/7 Community Support: For the first time ever Dasha is opening her KB Blog for comments! The Blog expands on healthy eating, training and recovery. It discusses female goals in fitness, beauty and health and profiles other women just like you! It’s a great way to find 24/7 community support and get the latest updates on all things involving The Body Series & KB. Plus, it’s the ideal way to connect with Dasha and her team!

Bonus Travel & Buddy Workouts: Each valued at $24.99 – you are getting both as a part of your Body Series. Dasha is a traveler, and she knows just how tough it is to get in a workout on the run, in a hotel room, or in a different country. She made the travel workout short but tough so that you can Get It In and Get Out!

Her Buddy Workout is unique and martial arts inspired. One of Dasha’s favorite things to do is to train with partners. Long before her gym days Dasha and her mom would work out in their living room, yet she always wished the workouts were more partner-orientated. You can do this one at home or take it to the gym with a friend!

 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: We’re so sure you’ll love this Body Series that we are giving you our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply call Customer Service to return it within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price (less any s&h). Get Started Now >>>


star power

Katharine-Mcphee-Megan-Hilty-in-Entertainment-Weekly-January-201303 The woman that created this fitness method is a fitness inspiration not only to me, but to thousands of women. She is an incredible instructor, and while I train with her privately as a client, one of my favorite things about traveling is using “The Body Series” DVDs to stay Red Carpet ready. Dasha’s program works, and her workouts are something I look forward to, they are smart and so much fun!”
-NBC “SMASH” star and recording artist Megan Hilty


Margherita+Missoni+American+Woman+Fashioning+xjhEzKb54HSx One if the reasons why I would love to spend more time in NYC is training with Dasha, she’s such a motivating trainer!”
- fashion icon Margherita Missoni




 margo-b-newtestDasha has trained me for many of my roles and concerts, she’s a friend and a great trainer. It was faith that she was testing the Body Series program when I began my work with HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. I am a singer and performer so my schedule is demanding and my body has to stay in shape both inside and out. This program did it for me. We actually used the full Body Series for 60 days straight, when I traveled I took the DVDs. They work and Dasha is a mad scientist when it comes to the female shape. All I have to say is, if you start your program today, 60 days from now- watch out!
- Margor B. HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and Recording Artist

Meaghan B Murphy It will transform your body head to toe! Kettlebell kickboxing™ is a creative mix of martial arts and traditional kettlebell training that will transform your body head to toe. But my favorite part: The endlessly inspiring creator Dasha Libin! ”
- Meaghan B Murphy, Deputy Editor “SELF” Magazine


Sandra’s Story

sandramendezSandra Mendez walked into Dasha’s class after trying to find some way to get fit again. Sandra was in the military, and spent most of her 20′s out doors and in great shape. It was in her 30′s that she got consumed with work and building her business, the transition left her 25 pounds heavier, not to mention exhausted after long days in the office. She began to develop back and neck pain, and noticed her stress levels rising almost daily.

“I looked at other routines, but nothing stuck. Spin over developed my quads and made my legs look bigger, plus I like a change of pace and motion in my workouts. I had knee issues after my military training, so it was tough to run again, plus I felt like my body was craving the balance of weights and cardio. My other problem – time. It became harder and harder to get to the gym, my business was booming, and I was spending long hours in my office.”

At the same time Sandra found herself trying a Kettlebell Kickboxing™ class, Dasha was looking for case studies for the development of her at home program, the Body Series. Dasha was looking for women that were dedicated enough to commit themselves to the Body Series test program. This included the same nutrition guide, workout routines, and system of workouts that The Body Series is composed of today.

“It literally took all of 60 days for the old, yet more improved me to come out! I was feeling better within two to three weeks, in four weeks I began to clearly see changes in my body. Plus, my knees stopped hurting (I think I finally began to engage my gluts – thank you kettlebell swing). I think I was lucky because I got Dasha’s “Body Series” towards the end of her test studies, so it was pretty much the exact program the current “Body Series” is composed of today. Anyway, I lost 25 pounds! I did. Plus I gained muscle and strength, energy, and my stress levels clearly went down. There is something about training that makes you feel energized and good. No, not good – great!”

After her experience Sandra fell in love with the Kettlebell Kickboxing™ program. She actually took it one step further and became KBIA certified. Now she gets to train others and help them along their journeys. She and her boyfriend are opening up a facility in Kentucky! Just check her out on our instructors page!

*Results may vary from person to person. We always advise you to try the program for yourself and see what a real and scientific training regiment and nutrition plan like the Scorcher Series can do for you.


*Consult your physician and follow and all safety instructions prior to beginning this or any other exercise program. This program is not made to replace a doctor. Results may vary from person to person and are not typical to everyone. *Results may vary from person to person. We always advise you to try the program for yourself and see what a real and scientific training regiment and nutrition plan like the Scorcher Series can do for you.